20.03.201710:00 h

Due to technical problems, the Tivissa-Llaberia radar will remain out of service until they are resolved. Meanwhile, the radar composite image could show less precipitation intensity in the south of Catalonia, especially in precipitation associated to cloudiness of little vertical development in the region of Terres de l'Ebre

How to interpret the radar image

Image generated based on data from the weather radar network (XRAD), which is made up of the Vallirana, Puig d'Arques, La Panadella and Tivissa-Llaberia radars.

The product shown has undergone a correction process that takes into account the different factors that can seriously affect its quality. This process removes echoes that do not correspond to precipitation, such as those originating from mountains, aircraft, ships, wind farms and interference. This advanced processing requires five minutes' extra calculation time. This is included in the 20 minutes between retrieval and display of the data on this page.

Even though these corrections are made, sufficient knowledge on how to use these images is required in order to interpret them correctly. In addition, it is recommended that the radar data be supplemented with other meteorological data.

The Meteorological Service of Catalonia is not responsible for the misuse and/or incorrect interpretation of the information contained in these radar images.