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As Article 4 of Law 15/2001 of 14 November weather, are functions of the Meteorological Service of Catalonia:

a) To assist the administrations and institutions that need meteorological and climate information and to collaborate with them.

b) To establish collaborations, if necessary, with the state's meteorological authority and with the rest of the autonomic, state, european and international institutions that conduct meteorological functions, with the objective of obtaining high quality meteorological information in the area of Catalonia, and to sign with these, for the practice of concurrent powers, collaboration agreements that avoid the duplication of services.

c) To manage and maintain the Network of Meteorological Equipments of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Xemec).

d) To treat, make use of and disclose the data from the meteorological equipments.

e) To manage and make use of the documentary base from the Meteorology Service of the Environment Department.

f) To maintain the meteorological database of Catalonia.

g) To participate in the elaboration of the climatic cartography of Catalonia.

h) To program, implement and manage a system for predicting and monitoring meteorological phenomena, and exploiting and disseminating them throughout the territory of Catalonia.

i) To forecast, watch and monitor meteorological risk situations, in coordination with the Catalan Emergency Center (CECAT), in order to improve the efficiency of the relevant actions and ensure that they are communicated to users who may be affected , through the notice system that is determined by regulatory means.

j) To provide permanently, when meteorological situations of risk are foreseen, official meteorological advice to the different administrations and institutions competent in matters of civil protection in Catalonia and collaborate in these cases, if it's pertinent, with the state meteorological authority.

k) To promote research activities in meteorology and climatology and promote the development of products and services in this area.

k bis) To provide air navigation help services once the certification of the competent authority has been obtained and after having been designated to carry out this task in some part of the airspace.

l) To organize training and dissemination activities in the field of meteorology.

m) Conduct studies to improve the knowledge of the climate and meteorology in Catalonia.

n) To advise and help the different public bodies in aspects related to the study of climate and climate change, in coordination with the competent organizations in this matter.

o) To advise and help the competent public administrations, and collaborate with them, on issues of surveillance and prediction of phenomena and episodes of air pollution.

p) To analyze and to watch out the characteristics of the ozone column in Catalonia in relation to the evolution of stratospheric ozone and to inform the population about it.

q) To study and analyze the climate change in Catalonia and participate and collaborate in the investigations that different groups in Catalonia carry out on this matter.